Think of me as…

My name is Andrés, aka Serdna, owner of this page. Think of me as Creed Bratton from The Office: a mysterious figure who is prone to saying bizarre, disturbing, or confusing statements on a regular basis. 

Unlike Creed, I’m a young fellow. 22. International Business student at some kind of university in Lima, Perú.

Now that most of my identity is revealed (the rest will be revealed as time passes), I want to talk about my life and things I have planned. I started this page as a personal content platform, but I decided to add one more topic: futurology. I’ve been very prone to study this because I do believe that life is getting better, despite what most people want to see and think in order to be cool or part of the system.

Personally, I think of futurology as a school of thought that, rather than predict the future, focuses on the gap between the present and a future of humanity. I might not be so vicious on making posts about this topic yet. Reason is that I need to study this topic a little bit more.

My posts will not be long, but will be informative. I will talk about the present onwards. Right now I am focusing on editing some clips for my youtube channel – it’s called Serdna but I don’t have a custom URL yet. I recently went to Huaraz, Ancash, to do some trekking activity around montains. It was an amazing place and I will narrate my experience in the next blog post.

Also, right now I am packing my bags to go to Puccalpa, Madre de Dios, which is in the jungle-ish region of Peru. I’m doing some social service there and, obviously, I will be vlogging and blogging my experience, I hope.

That’s it, I don’t wanna’ bore you. Btw, I like this kind of music, if you like it, cool:

“Dank memes are the future”.


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