Hey, what’s good!?

So, this is a small page about me, what I like, and things I want to write.

My name is Andrés, I’m not a machine or anything of that kind (not yet). I like to speak about futurology and this new trends that are coming to stay, such as Universal Basic Income, machine learning, AI, AR, biogenetics, cellular agriculture, disruptive innovation, and so forth. My goal is to link this blog with my youtube channel and create a nice little community to promote this kind of things.

I like wood watches, reading about new tech, I would like to try vaping someday, I could say I enjoy being socially responsible (but not, like, in the Social Justice Warrior kind of way. Like, just being plain ol’ stupid and speaking my mind about things I don’t know anything about).

I also love to have my daily dose of dank memes at r/dankmemes in Reddit. Sometimes the edgy stuff is just funny, we all have a dark side, c’mon.

I am currently developing some projects (such as this one) but they are long term booked.

And, yeah, I think that is it, maybe if this blog gets enough attention all of this could be accomplished. I hope so.